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Various versions with a bolt, lubrication groove

Steel ladles are moved by our slide bearings
MangaDur®SEAMLESS Factsheet MangaDUR®SEAMLESS Datasheet MangaDUR®SEAMLESS

One special feature and the focus of our company lie in a plain bearing produced from forged
austenitic manganese steel (material no.: 1.3401) according to in-house specifications - we
call it MangaDur®SEAMLESS. Pre-rolled or forged materials are exclusively used as products
for further processing. A homogenous, re-crystallised and fine-grained structure is produced
in our in-house heat treatment facility according to a defined and regulated forming process.

The core competencies of our company, namely forging and austenitic manganese steel processing,
have led to the development of a grooved bushing

The special characteristics of the
MangaDur®SEAMLESS plain bearing include its resistance to
wear and the high operating life resulting from this. This plain bearing is also anti-magnetic and
can (virtually) be utilised without lubricant

Due to these special properties, these plain bearings require very little maintenance. They have
proven to work most effectively in dusty, wet and abrasive environments.

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