FVS700, individuelle & laminierte Verschleißteile, Friesische Verschleißtechnik

FVS 700 - Laminated wearing parts

The various products, such as wear plates, strips and buttons, have unique properties. These result from the combination of the special wear resistance of the white cast iron (Cr-Mo) with the good processability of the carrier plate. Both materials are permanently bonded with high strength via a metallurgical diffusion compound. The wearing parts made of cast iron have a minimum hardness of 700HBW (63HRc), the carrier plates are easily weldable or machinable and additionally serve as padding for impact loads of the wear layer.

Laminated wearing parts are THE solution for high abrasion and impact loads in various applications, including mining & the mining industry, cement industry, dredging, recycling and mineral processing.

FVS 700 - Laminierte Verschleißteile

Laminated wear products are the solution for high abrasion and impact loads in various applications


Laminated wearing parts offer extreme protection in extreme applications. This increases production output and reduces downtime and maintenance costs!


The laminated wearing parts are available in various standard sizes. Custom-made parts are also available on request. Wearing bolts and bars are commonly used products.


Due to the metallurgical diffusion compound, the laminated wearing parts have superior properties compared to mechanical and bimetallic designs. They withstand the most difficult impact and abrasion conditions.


Laminated wearing parts are used in the following areas: chutes and hoppers, grates for the cement and mining industries, suction pipes and heads, the protection of cutting blades on tunnel boring machines, teeth for grinders and shredders and protection of excavator shovels.

Made to measure

Rods, plates, blocks: custom-made wear protection!
In recent years we have gained experience in the manufacture of custom-made wearing parts in different variations. Together with you, we develop the optimum designs with the greatest possible wear and impact protection.

Wearing rods, wearing plates and wearing blocks can be fastened with stud bolts or welding studs according to your requirements. This allows you to replace only damaged sections instead of replacing entire sheets or plates.

Contact us if you need someone to design your specific applications and formats.