Friesische Verschleißtechnik, Gesenkschmiedeteile

Piezas forjadas en estampa

En nuestro taller de forja en estampa fabricamos piezas forjadas en estampa de tamaño pequeño y mediano, para los sectores de la construcción de máquinas, técnica de movimiento de materiales, construcción de plantas y otros sectores técnicos similares.

Nuestros experimentados técnicos fabrican componentes según sus especificaciones, y a petición suya por supuesto también en series pequeñas.

Piezas forjadas en estampa

Upset parts

For demanding requirements!
Upsetting increases the diameter of the workpiece by compressing its length. Based on the number of pieces produced, this is the most frequently used forging process. Some examples of joint parts manufactured using upset forging processes are engine valves, couplings, studs, bolts and screws, piston rods, round steel anchors and other fasteners.

We produce upset forged parts in accordance with the drawing in a broad range of shapes and dimensions – in series as well. Dies and equipment are designed and manufactured in our own workshop. Of course, we also supply our products pre-machined and finish-machined. We process all common materials and produce according to our customers' specifications.

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