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Breaking resistance for heavy duty machine parts
Austenitic manganese steel
As specialists with many years of experience in the individual and series production of
components made of austenitic manganese steel (Hadfield steel), we are able to provide
you with a complete range of parts which make use of this special material.

As a central quality feature, we only use grade X120Mn12 (1.3401) steel with a manganese
content of 12-14%. Only this basically forged austenitic manganese
steel with its secondary
structure ensures the fantastic properties of this material, meaning that it is therefore able
to cope with our demands regarding the high quality of our products

Examples of our range of parts: sheets in all sizes, pre-cut parts, round steel bars, forged
and cast components, bent parts, dies, spikes, teeth, cogs and meshes. Both individual
and series production are possible
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